Well, unfortunately not really! Leaving the safe environment of the own kitchen, vegans have to face the unpredictable threats of a non-vegan world. Yeah, travelling is fun, but travelling as a vegan really sucks sometimes. You never know what’s inside that soup they offer or how to make them understand that ham is not a seasoning. Well, apart from that you cannot read those hieroglyphics on the package anyway.

Well, we belong to this category of travellers who refuse animal products for a whole bunch of reasons. Of course we are also aware of the fact that seeing the world also means causing greenhouse gas emissions, which is at odds with the understanding of sustainability vegans normally have. Can’t help it, we blame it on that „Wanderlust gene“ everybody is posting about on Facebook.

This blog is supposed to provide information and help for vegans like us, who trade a little bit of their awareness for the satisfaction of the need to embrace new cultures, new languages, new adventures. We are a young, dynamic and international team of backpackers and locals (identities will be revealed someday… when we will have enough time for that) and enthusiastic about low budget travelling, off tourist trails, couchsurfing, trekking, hiking, nature stuff and of course veganism. So if that somehow fits to how you would imagine your trip to be, read us, like us, follow us, share us. We are not planning to provide lists of vegan restaurants and the like (even if we might give you some recommendation), because Happy Cow is already doing a good job on that. We rather want to provide survival training for those situations in which you have to figure out by yourself what you can eat.

We just started the blog, so it is going to be under construction for a little while. If you don’t find what you are looking for, it would be best if you just let us know. Feel free to comment, to mail us and of course to make your own experience. Whenever you find information that is outdated or simply not true, please contact us. We would really appreciate this.

We haven’t travelled to the Americas yet. If you are looking for information about vegan travelling in those areas, visit this blog. The authors seem to be experts on that.

As it is obviously necessary to say that: We decline any responsibility for the content of the pages linked on any page of our blog.



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