Vegan in Jordan : Preparations

About to get ready for the next trip! This time: Jordan! Our previous experience assures us that vegans don’t have to starve in Arab countries. Nevertheless some mental preparation  shouldn’t be wrong. For everybody who urgently needs some information NOW: Here’s a list of external blogs/ websites that help us getting informed:

A little drift

Cycle our earth

desi Traveler

Never ending voyage

Sid the Wanderer

Looking forward to providing you with 1st hand information! 😀


Beautiful Georgia

After an amazing weekend in Georgia (the country, not the US state) with great wine and great food, I am flying back to Germany. So yeah, I’ll need a few days to do some more research (probably getting disappointed finding out how much non-vegan stuff I actually ate), and then you’ll get some first fresh information about vegan travelling in that wonderful country! Should be online by the end of the week!