So vegan travelling, huh? Planning a trip and no idea where to get the necessary information from? Here are some gadgets, web pages, booklets and thingy thingies that might help you.

The Vegan Passport, which you can buy kinda everywhere, for example here, contains useful phrases in 74 different languages underlining your annoying vegan food issues. If you cannot pronounce a certain sentence just point at it… or point at the images at the end of the booklet. The happy and the sad face make it pretty clear.

If you just want to lay back knowing that your hotel is supervegan, reach out for the Veggie-Hotels. You can also have a whole trip organised, e.g. go for a hike or two or have some „Vegan Adventure Holidays“. Has anybody tried this out? Let me know.

Get the Happy Cow App or just visit the web page. Both list restaurants, cafés, shops and stuff that are vegan, vegetarian or at least obiously friendly to vegans. It’s international and very extensive.

For further advice you can also read this article (it’s in German).


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